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  • Providing funds for rural poor for construction of their houses.
  • Offering employment opportunities through MGNREGS.
  • Formation and financing of SHGs (Self Help Groups).
  • Supplementing the SHG programme by equipping them with vocational skills training and placement projects.
  • Increasing livelihood opportunities for women by training women in bee keeping, vermin-compost production, extraction of forest produce, etc.
  • Facilitating animal husbandry, agro processing and food processing.
  • Financing construction of toilets in BPL and select APL families; building community sanitary complexes.
  • Management of solid and liquid waste.
  • Improving means of water conversation and developing better drought proofing methods.
  • Construction of water harvesting structures, irrigation canals, soil and moisture conservation systems.
  • Building awareness about various schemes and the benefits through IEC (Information, Education and Communication) activities.
  • Improving rural connectivity.
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