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  • The Scheme saw a five-fold increase in the last decade. During the period 2001-2014 a total of ૧૦,૦૫,૩૬૯ houses were constructed against a total of ૧,૯૭,૬૧૪ that were constructed during the period, 1990-2000
  • Till date, financial assistance of Rs. 4,065.23 crore has been given to ૧૨,૦૨,૯૮૩ poor families
  • In the last ten years 7,07,102 houses have been sanctioned to women
  • The Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) loan has been made available to 82,778 families in the last 4 years

60 Days Achievement of IAY in Gujarat(from 22-May, 2014 to 20-July, 2014):Against the annual physical target of 34,105 households to be constructed for the year 2014 - 15, a total of 14,967 (43.89%) houseshave been constructed in 60 days. The allocated annual budget under IAY is Rs. 248.28 crores, out of which Rs. 73.34 crores (29.53%) has been utilised.

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