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The Government of Gujarat, having realised the importance of the all-inclusive rural development, has been constantly endeavoring to make rural life better. While it continues to do so, it has achieved fantastic results because of this sustained effort. The basis of Gujarat model of development is 'People's Participation', as it reflects in its pledge of 'Collective Efforts and Inclusive Growth'. The Rural Development stories emanating out of Gujarat show how the State Government has enabled people to uplift their livelihoods through this model.

Gujarat has effectively utilized the funding from Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), a momentous initiative towards pro-poor growth, to create sustainable and productive assets and in turn helped boosting the rural economy, protecting the environment, empowering rural women, reducing rural urban migration and fostering social equity among others.

'Mission Mangalam' is an award-winning venture aimed at poverty elimination and women empowerment. It aims at uplifting women belonging to the poor families by giving them enough support to enable them to utilize their skills and improve their conditions. The programme is implemented by Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company.

Much of the area of this state remains arid with saline water which is unusable for the agricultural purpose. This area depends mainly on seasonal rain-water. Thus, to effectively manage and conserve rain-water, Watershed Management Programme was incorporated. It aims at promoting agriculture by eliminating the scarcity of water resource and in turn create employment opportunities for the rural families.

The state government recognizes the practical and social importance of one's own house and thus, Gujarat has been pro-active in the implementation of Indira Aawas Yojana, which provides pucca houses to the rural poor.

With all this and more, the Government of Gujarat has been proactive in the amelioration of rural lives, and it aims at continuing its efforts with increased vigour.

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