The Government of India has decided to conduct a Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 in all the States and Union Territories with the financial and technical support of Government of India. The Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011(SECC) shall take place from July to December 2011 in different states and union territories keeping in view the local conditions and schedule given by GOI. This is the first time that such an exercise is being conducted in the country. Various Govt. Officials, Enumerators, Supervisors and Data Entry Operators will be provided appropriate training to conduct the SECC.
    The enumerator and data entry operator will visit each household together in the field and personally collect relevant information for each of the household members and enter details in to the Hand Held Tablet PCs which will be uploaded to center server for further processing and creating a data base of each individual. Every household who furnishes information for SECC will be provided an acknowledgement slip having declarations that all information provided by the respondent has been correctly entered in the HHDs and the contents have been shown / read out and has been verified by the respondent. The Individual/ Household data on religion and Caste/Tribe is confidential and will not be published. The caste/tribe will be recorded as declared by the respondent and will not confer any right to claim any caste / tribe / community certificate.

Sr. No. Sub. No. Title
1   Pre-Enumeration Preparation Stage
  1.1 General Instructions  
  1.2 District – SECC 2011 Plan Preparation
  1.3 Procedure for Creating user log-in into GOI-NIC website  
  1.4 Forms/Registers to be maintained at
(1)District/Municipal Corporation Level
(2)Charge (Taluka/Municipality Ward)
  1.5 Infrastructure Requirements for Data Charge Centers   
  1.6 SECC SATCOM Presentation at BIASAG Dtd. 16/2/2012
  1.7 Cost Norms for SECC 2011 (Annexure-I)
2   Manuals & Materials, Training
  2.1 SECC Bhavan & Household Identification  
  2.2 SECC AHL Updation  
  2.3 AHL of Census 2011 Sample Filled in form for Training Purpose-English  
  2.4 AHL of Census 2011 Sample Filled in form for Training Purpose-Gujarati  
  2.5 Instruction for filling Acknowledgement slips   
  2.6 SECC 2011 Instructions for use of Printed Materials  
  2.7 SECC – Gujarati Instructions for RURAL Schedule
  2.8 SECC – Gujarati Instructions for URBAN Schedule
  2.9 Instruction Manual for Enumerators for Rural (English)
  2.1 Instruction Manual for Enumerators for Rural (Gujarati)
  2.1 Instruction Manual for Enumerators for Urban (Gujarati)
  2.1 Instruction Manual for Enumerators for Urban (English)
  2.1 Questionnaire for Rural (Gujarati)   
  2.1 Questionnaire for Rural (English)   
  2.2 Questionnaire for Urban (English)   
  2.2 Questionnaire for Urban(Gujarati)   
3   Man Power
  3.1 GR-Manpower Sanctioned for SECC (Dtd-5/10/2011)
  3.2 Deputation of staff at District Taluka Level for SECC 2011 ( CRD Circular dtd 30/11/2011)  
4   Notification
  4.1 Notification No.GR IDB-102011 (23-11-2011) (SECC-Planning)
  4.2 Notification No.KP-131 dtd.10-10-2011 (Commensing SECC)  
  4.3 Notification No.KP-132 dtd.10-10-2011 (Designating State Nodal SECC Officers)
  4.4 Notification No.KP-133 dtd.10-10-2011 (Designating District SECC Officers)
  4.5 Notification No.KP-134 dtd.10-10-2011 (SECC instructions)
  4.6 Notification No.AEDB 102011 dtd 7-10-2011 (Nodal Change)  
5   Enumeration Blocks
  5.1 Enumeration Blocks  
  5.2 Total No.of EBs
  5.3 List of OGS/Census Towns/INA
6   MoRD Communication
  6.1 MoRD Letter No.Q.16015-6-2011 AI(RD) dtd 19-8-2011
  6.2 D.O.No. Q-21024-05-2011-AI(RD) View Data at Charge Centre
(MoRD Circular dtd 23/11/2011)
7   Verification & Correction
  7.1 Instruction Manual - English  
  7.2 Instruction Manual – Gujarati
  7.4 OBC List - Gujarati/English  
8   Claims & Objections
  8.1 SECC - Claim & Objection - GR Dtd. 31-03-2012  
  8.2 Instructions for filling, Receiving and Disposing Claims & Objections  
  8.3 SECC-Claims & Objections Forms for Download 
    Obj-clm Format A - ડ્રાફટ લીસ્ટમાં સમાવેશ સામે વાંધો ફાઇલ કરવાનો નમૂનો 
    Obj-clm Format B - ડ્રાફટ માહિતીની વિગતોમાં ફેરફાર માટેનો નમૂનો
    Obj-clm Format C - ડ્રાફટ માહિતીમાં છુટી ગયેલા કુટુમ્બોનો સમાવેશ કરવા માટેનો નમૂનો
    Obj-clm Format D - જે વ્યક્તિ માટે વાંધો/દાવો હોયતે વ્યક્તિને નોટીસનો નમૂનો
    Obj-clm Format E  ગ્રામ સભાનાં ઠરાવ ફાઇલ કરવાનુ ફોર્મ
  8.4 Draft List Public Notice – English  
    Draft List Public Notice – Gujarati  
  8.5 Draft List Public Notice – Letter to Districts   
  8.6 MoRD Letter – Draft List – Public Notice
  8.8 GoI-Protocol for the Publication of Draft List & Final List of SECC 2011 & Jurisdiction Error Correction







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